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Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

At Dawson Dental Centre, we understand that visiting the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience for some. That's why we're proud to offer sedation dentistry, ensuring a comfortable and anxiety-free visit for all our patients. The benefits of sedation dentistry are manifold. It helps to reduce patient anxiety, manage pain, and can even allow for multiple procedures to be completed in fewer visits. This is particularly beneficial for those who may have been postponing essential dental care due to fear or discomfort.

Types of Sedation Used in Dentistry

Oral Sedation and Nitrous Oxide: At our clinic, we primarily utilize oral sedation and nitrous oxide for our sedation dentistry services. Oral sedation involves taking a prescribed medication before your appointment, making you feel more relaxed by the time you're in the dental chair. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is inhaled to induce a state of relaxation. Both methods are safe and effective, allowing you to remain awake but significantly more at ease throughout your procedure.

Finding a Sedation Dentist in Burnaby

Locating a reliable sedation dentist in Burnaby is crucial for a reassuring dental experience. At Dawson Dental Centre, our skilled team, led by Dr. Niloofar Bahar and Dr. Siavash Arvan, is experienced in providing sedation dentistry. Our practice is conveniently located for residents of Burnaby and the surrounding areas, making access to stress-free dental care easier than ever.

Common Procedures Done with Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is versatile, accommodating a wide range of dental procedures. From routine cleanings to more complex treatments like dental implants, root canals, or wisdom teeth removal, sedation can be applied to virtually any procedure to enhance patient comfort. This adaptability ensures that patients can undergo necessary dental care without the hindrance of anxiety or discomfort.

Risks and Considerations of Sedation Dentistry

While sedation dentistry is widely considered safe, it's important for patients to discuss their medical history with their dentist beforehand. Our team at Dawson Dental Centre thoroughly reviews each patient's health profile to tailor the sedation method to their specific needs, minimizing risks and ensuring the utmost care.

Cost of Sedation Dentistry in Burnaby

The cost of sedation dentistry can vary depending on the type of sedation used and the length of the procedure. At Dawson Dental Centre, we believe in transparent communication about costs and offer flexible financing options to make sedation dentistry accessible to as many patients as possible. We also offer direct insurance billing to streamline the payment process.

How to Prepare for a Sedation Dentistry Appointment

Preparing for a sedation dentistry appointment is straightforward. We advise patients to avoid eating or drinking six hours before their procedure if receiving oral sedation. Additionally, it's essential to arrange for someone to drive you home post-appointment, as the sedatives' effects can take some time to wear off completely.

Post-Care Instructions for Sedation Dentistry

Post-care following a sedation dentistry procedure is crucial for recovery. Our team provides detailed instructions tailored to your specific treatment and sedation type. Generally, it's recommended to rest for the remainder of the day and avoid operating heavy machinery. Staying hydrated and following any prescribed medication regimens are also important steps towards a swift recovery.

Sedation Dentistry for Children in Burnaby

At Dawson Dental Centre, we extend our sedation dentistry services to include children, ensuring they have a positive and stress-free introduction to dental care. Our "Happy Visits" for children under 2 are designed to familiarize them with the dental environment, making future visits more comfortable. We use age-appropriate sedation techniques to ensure the safety and comfort of our youngest patients.

At Dawson Dental Centre, we're committed to providing our community with high-quality, stress-free dental care. Whether you're considering sedation dentistry for yourself or your child, our team is here to ensure a comfortable, anxiety-free experience. Contact us today to learn more about how sedation dentistry can transform your dental care experience.

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